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Journey with Notion Crew

Harbor is safe but it’s not for the sailors!

Journey with “Notion Crew”, on the ocean of communication, is pleasant even if it is not always calm and quiet!

You need a guide, a team of observers, map-readers, a wise fishing crew, and tough sailors who know when to anchor and where to pull the anchor out; and all of these under the keen eye of a super experienced passionate Captain.

Know where to fish!

Some people give you the fish, some teach you how to fish. We will tell you where and when to fish, and will give you the best tools to do it, with the minimum risk and cost.


Strategic Business Orientation

“Notion Crew” actually is a squadron, consisting of different crews and freelancers, all heading to one main goal. They are all flexible, young, wise, and passionate, which started their journey at different points and times.

Workflow Integration

The team has defined their mission

To solve the communication and advertising problems of all companies in any size and any industry, by giving customized solutions.

Creating and Executing customized
communication solutions
Workflow Integration

Toward this vision;

To become a reference for “cooperating with the best communication and advertising agencies”.

A backup for all communication and advertising agencies.
Workflow Integration

They believe in

  • Friendship instead of competition
  • Customer orientation and follow-up
  • Customization and a solution-oriented approach
  • Agility and flexibility
  • Continuous creativity and innovation

the Crew

Roles change in case!

As a flexible crew and despite the expertise of sailors, roles change in cases. A deck officer could be a watchstander if needed or the first mate would do as a cabin boy!

But the obvious point is that every project will have its own watch leader and navigator and fishers!

Mehrdad Arab

Account Manager

Hesam Beig

Brand Manager

Sepand Rez


Negar Kamouneh

Graphic Designer

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